Opening Specs


Base with Roll Trays

Full Door Base

Base Trays
  » Base Tray
  » Base Tray with Drawer

Sink Bases
  » Sink Base
  » Full Door Sink Base
  » Angle Sink Base

Sink Fronts
  » Sink Front
  » Angle Sink Front

Dishwasher Base

Range Base with Drawers

Three Drawers
  » Three Drawer Pot and Pan Base
  » Three Drawer Glass Drawers

Blind Corner Bases
  » Blind Corner Base
  » Blind Corner Base Peninsula

Island Corner Bases
  » Island Corner Base
  » Full Door Island Corner Base
  » Island Corner Base Peninsula

Base Peninsula

Lazy Susan's
  » Lazy Susan
  » Super Lazy Susan
  » Diagonal Corner Lazy Susan

Square Corner Bases
  » Square Corner Drawer Base
  » Square Corner Base
  » Square Corner Base Super Susan
  » Square Corner Base Recycle Center

Base Recycle Center

Base with Wastebasket

Pantry Base

Base Filler Pullout

Two Drawer Base

Three Drawer Bases
» Three Drawer Base
» Three Drawer Base with Cutting Board

Four Drawer Bases
» Four Drawer Base
» Four Drawer Base with Cutting Board

Base Pullouts
» Pantry Base Pullouts
» Base with Pullout Baskets

Base Pop-Up Mixer

Base Wine Cubby

Base Spice Drawer

Base Transitional Cabinet

Angle Bases
» Angle End Base
» Angle Base

Base End Open

Desk Bases - Keyboard
» Desk Base
» Desk Drawer Base
» Desk File Base
» Double File Desk Base
» Double Lateral File Desk Base
» Desk Drawer Unit
» Keyboard Tray

Boot Bench

What-Not Bases
» What-Not Base
» What-Not Base Round

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