End Options

All end treatments must be taken into consideration when measuring for new or replacement countertops. 

Finished End
For exposed countertop ends (those not ending against a wall) allow approximately 1" overhang past cabinets. End Cap Kits are available from your Rosebud dealer.
Radius Finished End
These can either be single or double radius and must be specified as such. The edge butting a wall would not have a radius end. Radius ends require sufficient overhang past cabinets.
Dog Leg Miter to Island Finished End
A symmetrical arc used for Bartops and free-standing Islands. The radius must be included in the overall length of the countertop. This design requires sufficient overhang past the cabinets. A laminate edge is applied to finish the sweep.
Banjo Top
Cabinet depth is important. Allow an extra 1 1/2" on the banjo or wide side of the cabinet. This design is used primarily for bathroom countertops where there is a shelf running behind toilet.
Check with your Rosebud dealer if there are any questions about measuring or specifications.
Appliance Finished End
For exposed countertop ends butting up to appliances, a 1" overhang may not be possible or desirable. For appliance finished ends 1/8" to 1/4" is the recommended overhang depending on the size of appliance opening. Appliance Finished Ends can only be used with NON Build-up countertops.
End Splash
This is an optional piece used when the countertop end meets a wall. If you wish an end splash incorporated in your countertop design please specify. Rosebud will incorporate this into the overall countertop measurement you supply.
Clipped Finished End
These can be either single or double. Size must be specified in final measurements. Allow for sufficient overhang past the cabinets.
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