Self-Edge Countertops - 1 type edge, 2 different styles that they can be made

*For Self-Edge Countertop Pricing, please contact us.

Item Description

Kitchen Tops (25 1/2" deck) Per Lineal Foot
Vanity Tops (22 1/2" deck) Per Lineal Foot
Miter Cut (not assembled, includes fasteners & glue)
Miter Cut (assembled)
Out of Square Miter (not assembled)
Out of Square Miter (assembled)
Dog-Leg Miter to Island (not assembled)
Dog-Leg Miter to Island (assembled)
Flat Work - 3/4" and 1 1/8" Core

*For Flat Work Pricing, please contact us.


to 18" Wide
18" to 30" Wide
30" to 36" Wide
36" to 48" Wide
48" to 60" Wide

3/4" and 1 1/8" Flat Work
1 1/2" Core Flat Work
Flat Work Covered Both Sides
Finish Edging
End Cap Applied

• Backing sheet is applied to Specialty tops and flatwork at no extra charge.

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