Door Modifications (cont...)
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Five-Piece Drawer Front
For Rosebud doors that offer five piece drawer fronts as an option (see door specifications).
Finger Routes
Finger routes may be added to doors and drawer headers that are not already back beveled (see door specifications).
Soft Close Doors
An adaptive system that customizes itself to the speed of the closing door can be added to most cabinets with both the standard 1/2" overlay or the moderate 1 1/4" overlay door styles. This mechanism attaches to the hinge side of the cabinet for an unobtrusive look. It is adjustable for various door sizes and weights. This mechanism uses Blumotion for doors silent closing feature.
Box Only
Cabinets can be ordered as box only. Please specify BOX ONLY on your order form. You will not get doors, drawers or drawer headers.
Moderate 1-1/4" Overlay Doors
For Rosebud doors that offer moderate 1-1/4" overlay as an option (see door specifications). Must be called out on order form.
Extended Stiles
Cabinets can be ordered with up to 3" extended stiles. Frame size will increase by the amount specified. Specify ESL (left) or ESR (right) on your order form
Wide Bottom Rail
Base, Vanity and Tall cabinets can be ordered with a wide bottom rail in place of the toe space. Specify WBR on order form
Face Frame and Door
Face frames with door and drawer headers can be ordered in all of the standard cabinet sizes. Please specify FFD before the cabinet size you want (ie. FFD W2430). 
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