Cabinet Maintenance
Caring for the natural beauty of your Rosebud cabinets means proper maintenance. Part of proper maintenance is knowing some common household enemies to avoid. Here's how to prevent damage from these problem areas. 

1.  EXCESS WATER, when left unattended can cause white spots and haziness to finish and even damage the wood itself. Always remove excess liquid promptly, especially in moisture-prone areas, such as sink, range, dishwasher and baseboard areas. 

3.  SMOKE & GREASE can form a hard film over time, dulling the finish. Routine cleaning can prevent long term damage.
2.  DIRECT SUNLIGHT can cause exposed areas to lighten or darken over time. When possible, keep cabinets out of direct sunlight or draw curtains during the sunniest part of the day. 4.  EXTREMES IN TEMPERATURE & MOISTURE can cause wood to expand and contract, eventually damaging the finish. Try to avoid exposing your cabinets to very hot and cold environments, such as near radiators or in garages. 
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