Environmental Policy

Rosebud recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and using our resources responsibly.  We are committed to providing quality kitchen cabinetry, commercial casework and lodging room furniture in a manner that reduces the environmental footprint of our operations and enables our customers to reduce the environmental impact of the homes and buildings they create.


We will meet our environmental commitments by ensuring all of our products conform to safety, environmental and quality standards set forth by the industry.



                    •  Consider environmental factors in the purchase, use and disposal of products used to produce our finished goods;

                    •  Promote awareness to our employees of the effects our daily activities have on the environment;

                    •  Use optimizer technology to maximize lumber utilization;

                    •  Utilize efficient use of resources throughout our facility including water, electricity and other non-renewable resources;

                    •  Re-use and recycle whenever possible;

                    •  Use environmentally preferred materials;

                    •  Use all necessary steps to protect workers’ health and safety when hazardous materials are used, stored and disposed of;

                    •  Use wood-burning stoves to provide heat for our facility fueled with waste wood from production;

                    •  Perform periodic evaluation of our environmental performance in all the above efforts.



We are CARB2 Compliant.

What does CARB2 Compliant mean? As part of our on-going mission to bring you the highest quality products that are environmentally safe, all of our cabinets are manufactured with a premium quality plywood that meets the California formaldehyde emission standards for indoor air quality.


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