Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long does the manufacturing process take? 
A:  Approximately 4 weeks from the time of order.

Q:  How many accessory options are available?
A:  Our website shows many options under the Accessories tab in the Catalog section of our Website.

Q:  Does Rosebud provide installation services?
A:  Rosebud does not offer installation services, but will work closely with your contractor to make your installation go smoothly.

Q:  What is Rosebud’s warranty policy?
A:  Rosebud offers a one year warranty against defective materials and workmanship on the cabinet box construction and finish to the original buyer.  Drawers, roll trays and hinges are warranted for lifetime to the original buyer.  Warranty can be extended to 5 years by completing the 5-Year Residential Warranty Form found in the Catalog section of our Website.

Q:  Why should I buy Rosebud cabinets over other cabinet manufacturers?
A:   Experience, Flexibility and Service.  Rosebud is a privately owned company that has been around since 1965.  We are not just a box-line company.  We will build cabinets to suit your needs.  We provide excellent customer service with free design services.  We are the only company in the area that offers cabinets, countertops and furniture all under one roof.

Q:  What does overlay mean?
A:  Overlay is how much the door overlays (or covers up) the face frame of the cabinet.  Our Standard overlay is ½”, which means 1” of the face frame will show around the door.  Our 1 ¼” moderate overlay will show ¼” of the face frame around the door.

Q:  Do you sell cabinets unfinished?
A:  Yes, we will sell unfinished cabinets.  Keep in mind that Rosebud cannot warranty our product with someone else’s finish on it.

Q:  Do you do stain matching?
A:  Yes.  Although we have several finish color options, sometimes a color match must be made.  We have a $200 match fee and the cabinets must be produced in our Supreme Cabinet line.  Please note that color matching takes about two extra weeks of production.

Q:  Do you stock cabinets?
A:  Yes, we do. Please contact our store location.


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