Sunset Collection
The Sunset Collection series is created for those refined owners, design firms, and management companies who demand the best. This fashionable series features all wood collection, shown in oak, black leather top with oak edging. Hardware is black matte knob, larger drawers get pulls, the Mission style, accent slats on sides and arched bottom summons class and richness with a personal style. The Sunset Collection invokes a warm and inviting sensation in your guestroom interior. 

Choose from any of these stylish Rosebud suite furnishings to give your entire line of guest room furniture custom appeal.

 S1000  TV Armoire w/ Doors, VCR Shelf, 3 Drawers  40W x 26D x 72H
 S1010  TV Armoire, 3 Drawers, VCR Shelf  40D x 26W x 72H
 S1012  TV Armoire, 3 Drawer, No Back  36W x 20D x 58H
 S1011  Wardrobe  38W x 24D x 72H
 S1020  Microfridge Chest, 4 Drawer  60W x 25D x 45H
 S1030  Credenza, 4-Drawer  60W x 20D x 24H
 S1031    72W x 20D x 24H
 S1032  Dresser, 3 Drawer  30W x 20D x 30H
 S1033    36W x 20D x 30H
 S1039  Table Desk, w/ Drawer, 4 Legs  36W x 24D x 30H
 S1040    48W x 24D x 30H
 S1041    54W x 28D x 30H
 S1042  End Table  24W x 20D x 18H
 S1043  Coffee Table  42W x 20D x 18H
 S1044  Luggage Bench, Padded Top  30W x 18D x 18H
 S1045  Luggage Bench, Slat Top, Panel Legs  30W x 18D x 18H
 S1046  Luggage Bench, Slat Top, 4 Legs  30W x 18D x 18H
 S1047  Desk Chair  18W x 20D x 33H
 S1048  Activity Chair  22W x 22D x 33H
 S1049  Side Chair w/ high back  18W x 20D x 38H
 S1050  Nightstand with Drawer  22W x 18D x 24H
 S1060  Mirror  28W x 39H
 S1061    22W x 60H
 S1062  Elite Mirror  28W x 39H
 S1063    22W x 60H
 S1070  Parson Table  30W x 30D x 30H
 S1080  Round Table  30" Diameter
 S1090    33" Diameter
 S2000  Full  54W x 24H
 S2010  Queen  60W x 24H
 S2020  King  78W x 24H
   Elite Headboard  
 S2030  Full  54W x 24H
 S2040  Queen  60W x 24H
 S2050  King  78W x 24H

Styles may vary slightly from those shown because of material availability and/or improvements to our designs. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

All Rosebud collections are backed by a one-year limited warranty. All furniture is delivered fully-assembled by Rosebud's own trucks. This eliminates disposal of cartons and assures shipment accuracy with minimum damage to goods. All of the collections are available in a variety of wood finishes and fabric colors. Pieces and measurements shown are standard but all furnishings can be custom ordered to fit any application.

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